Preset Pack Includes

  • 21 Lightroom Desktop Presets

    21 unique presets designed to help you create beautiful blue tones, add special effects, colour grade your night images, prepare your files for composites & more! Presets work with Lightroom Classic

  • 21 Lightroom editing videos

    21 Lightroom editing videos that explain each presets in details so you can see my workflow & become blue tones masters! Videos shown in Lightroom Classic

  • 3 Composite editing videos

    2 start to finish blue hour composite videos & 1 aurora composite videos using simple techniques in Lightroom Classic and Photoshop

  • 1 Tips & Tricks Video

    Tips & tricks to help you prepare & export your files for Instagram

  • Private Facebook Group

    Exclusive Access to Cath Simard's private Facebook Group

(5) Blue hour Presets

  • Multi shades of blue hour:

Create multi-shades and depth in your blue tones. Color grade your blue hour images to prepare them for composites/blends. 

  • Clean Blue hour

Utilizing the new powerful Lightroom color grading tools, create a clean blue hour look while creating different shades. Also great to enhance your blue hour images and prepare them for compositing.

  • Emerald Reflections

Create a dramatic mood, add contrast, haze and emerald tones to your blue hour reflection shots. 

  • Blue Composite Color Grading

An advanced preset to cool down and colour grade your foregrounds to prepare them specifically for night composites. 

  • Aurora Composite Color Grading

 An unique preset to cool down and colour grade your foregrounds to prepare them for Aurora composites. 

(5) Night Photos Presets

  • Milky pop 

Make your milky way pop while creating different shades of blues & greens with this unique present. Reduce Noise

  • Milky way Blast

Enhance your milky way shots while creating different shades of blues and greens. Reduce Noise

  • Classic Night

Add clean contrasts and colours to your starry night images. Reduce Noise

  • Classic Milky

Add cold tones and enhance the milky way with this clean looking preset. Reduce Noise

  • Cool Aurora

Enhance your aurora while creating overall colder tones while preserving the green tones. Reduce Noise

Ready to become a blue tones expert?

(8) Cold Moods & Effects Presets

  • Blank to Blue

Transform your blank overcast skies to cold looking images. 

  • Warm Cool

Utilizing the new powerful color grading cool, this present creates cold shadows and warmer highlights. 

  • Clean Blues

Add mood and depth to your photos with blue skies. 

  • Darker Mood

Create some serious darkness and moodiness with a touch of light

  • Polarizing effect

Add contrast, saturation and depth to your colours. 

  • Foggy Mood 

Add atmosphere, fog, enhance warm tones while preserving the contrasts in the blue tones. 

  • Daytime Orton Effect

 Add the Orton Effect to your flat daytime images and cool down the overall tones while increasing the contrasts.

  • Strong Orton Effect

Dramatically increase overall atmosphere and haze effect while preserving true tones.

(3) Blue Conversions Presets

  • Total blue conversion 

Convert your daytime warm images to cold and dramatic blue landscapes

  • Total blue conversion Silver

Convert your daytime warm images to cold and dramatic blue landscapes with a touch of silver effect

  • Ice Caves 

Color grade your ice cave images with this preset to enhance the blue tones in the shadows, mid tones and highlights. 

(3) Composite Editing videos


21 Shades Of Blue

Bill Yao

As a young creative, I’ve purchased many preset packs through the course of my career in order to dissect the presets and learn from the top creators in the industry the way they edit and process their images. 21 Shades of Blue is definitely the most unique and valuable learning experience I’ve had. Unlike anything else out there, this preset pack is not just a typical one click edit pack. It is a whole entire course with 21 videos that goes in depth on how Cath uses these presets and even create simple composites. I’ve been using Lightroom for the past 5 years, and from this course I still learnt many different combination and tools to use to elevate my images to the next level

21 Shades of Blue

Bill Yao

(Part 2) Most importantly, the thing that was most valuable to me was seeing Cath use her preset on her own shots and learning her thinking and creative process on her images. Many of the courses I’ve purchased have been hit or miss, but having taken workshops with her in the past, I can say that Cath is someone that never holds back on her knowledge and will always do her best in her teachings. I would highly recommend this preset pack for anyone that wants to learn to edit blue tones or see the creative process of one of the top creators in the industry.

21 Shades Of Blue Course

Sandro Bedin

For an absolutely fair price, a lot is on offer. Cath shows us many tricks how she can already do a lot in Lightroom, that was new to me. The included presets are not OneKlick presets , but show the way how you can adjust the image to your liking. I find that very cool. And what I also like very much is the friendly way of presentation. You get on very quickly and it's a lot of fun.

Rachel Wood

My first real toe dipping into composites was with Cath in Iceland. I was hesitant as there is a strong mindset that composites are seen as cheating to some. Cath was so open and detailed in her process that it really opened the door for me to step into more expressive photography. You don’t need to go to Iceland with Cath to learn (although I defiantly recommend doing so) for Cath just released videos on her methods of compositing! These easy to understand lessons are short and yet so full of good tips and tricks! With the knowledge you gain from these few tutorials, you will start to create your own magical memories

21 Shades Of Blue Presets

Craig Addison

Your darker mood preset really took it to the next level and tweaked it in places. I've looked at various purchasable presets and your package is by far the best I've seen. I've only just started out with my camera and I'm really excited to see where I can go. Thanks for inspiring me and sharing your art.

Blue hour/night composite video tutorial

by Jeff Bartlett

The blue hour/night tutorial is one of the best tutorials I've ever watched. So clear, concise and easy to follow. If you want to learn how to do composite images and see how Cath works with all the blue tones, this is well worth it.

21 Shades Of Blue

Gary Howard

I was able to purchase and download the presets and import them to Lightroom. They are amazing and well worth the money. I don’t know what I like more, the presets or your instructional videos.


  • Are mobile Lightroom presets included in the pack?

    No, there are no mobile preset files provided. The pack contains desktop presets that work with Lightroom Classic CC only.

  • Do the presets work with all images?

    Each presets work with a specific type of image. For example, blue hour presets work best with blue hour images, night presets work only with night images. In this pack you will find presets for sunrise, sunsets, blue hour, night and mid-day images.

  • What can I expect from the presets?

    While some presets are more subtle, most presets are quite heavy in the editing and need adjustments. This is why the course comes with 21 videos explaining each presets.

  • Are the presets One-Click edits?

    No. Each preset need adjustments and need to be adapted to your own image.

  • Do the presets work with Adobe Lightroom?

    No. The presets only work with Lightroom Classic CC.

  • Are the videos Downloadable?

    No, they are not.

  • Is the product refundable?

    No, all sales are final.